STQ Overview
Services Trades Queensland

Services Trades Queensland (STQ) is a joint initiative between Employer Associations and the Queensland Plumbers Union in the Services Trades, created with the purpose of giving its financial contributors a competitive advantage in the marketplace through the provision of innovative proposals, needs based requirements, leading edge solutions to training through alternative delivery systems, leadership, safety, employment.

The Board of STQ comprises of equal numbers of directors representing both the Queensland Plumbers Union (employees) and Employer Association Groups.

The Services Trades Queensland consists of Sanitary, Fire and Mechanical Services. STQ is the only model that has proven to benefit the industry and is able to work together with the Queensland Plumbers Union and Employer Association Groups, MPAQ, AMCA and NFIAQ, to achieve goals for the industry. The Services Trades Queensland(STQ) commenced on 1st July 2006.
The fund provides: extensive Post Trade Training, Workplace Health & Safety advice, WH&S Systems and support for Contributors; an Apprenticeship Mentor, Backflow Prevention Program, Employment Register and is continuing to grow to meet the needs of the Services Trades Queensland. STQ works in consultation and partnership with their RTO, The Service Trades College. The college provides the training to the Services Trades Queensland Sector to meet the training needs of our employers and employees now and into the future.